Behind ‘Garment-Dyed’

Traiano’s SS17 collection includes a product type that is out of the norm for a performancewear brand: garment-dyed pieces.

The garment-dying process is the most expensive and difficult dying procedures that we know of. Instead of the typical approach to garment assembly, each garment is first constructed of a neutral fabric. Once construction is complete, then the pieces are sent to be dyed as a whole. The purpose for this is that it enables us to achieve a softer, broken-in feel to the piece and eliminates the shrinkage potential, ensuring consistent sizing. In addition, each piece is unique.

As a brand we prioritize comfort and functionality. In the warmer months of the year, natural fibres are most-often preferred, especially for evening events. By incorporating  stretch linen/cotton garment-dyed pieces into our SS18 collection, you can get the best of both worlds: craftsmanship and functionality.

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