Conquering Mont Blanc

Traiano has yet to find an obstacle insurmountable for its formal activewear attire; not even climbing to the top of Mont Blanc.

At 9:00 AM, on Saturday August 26th, Traiano CEO Filippo Colnaghi became the first man to climb one of the Seven Summits dressed in a full suit from the base to the peak.  The true limits of Traiano’s performancewear were tested, enduring the challenges of the mountain’s incredible nature, including climbing walls of rocks and ice.
The Solferino double-breasted blazer, Rossini dress shirt, and Agostini trousers that Colnaghi wore on the climb passed the ultimate test, performing beyond expectations. At the summit of Mont Blanc the ensemble looked untouched, without a single wrinkle or flaw. The outcome proves that Traiano’s technical fabrics are suited for any  situation, from running to catch a flight to the daily work commute.
Throughout the duration of the climb, Colnaghi documented the experience. The footage will be given upon request via the Press Contact.
Traiano utilizes the latest in cutting-edge fabrics, developed and manufactured in Northern Italy. The fabrics’ patented composition makes for the best quality sportswear textile on the market, providing Traiano’s garments with three key factors: comfort, wrinkle-resistant, and easy care (machine washable). The fabrics are then digitally printed to emulate any weave, making it impossible to differentiate the brand’s patterns with natural textiles by sight alone.
Each Traiano piece acts as a key to linking the invigorating spirit of the wild with the arduous nature of society.