Our Fall/Winter 17 Collection Is Finally Out

Each period of growth comes from a place of grit. A place of hardship, darkness, ad endurance.

To survive here, you must create and adapt, forging opportunities in the shadows of the towering construction all around you.

Looking over your shoulder, you plow forward, often-times finding solutions from the people who “do” instead of “ask”.

The men from these times are the ones who carved their names on the placards of the roads you drive on.

For Traiano’s Fall/Winter 2017-18 collection, the pieces find their inspiration in Milan’s renaissance of the 1960s and 70s.

The collection resists the dark corners of the fog entrenched alleyways of this city.

A time when grit always came impeccably dressed.

Elegance, comfort and practicality are the basis of Traiano.