Last True Fashion? Freedom of Movements

Those who work in the fashion industry are often asked the question ‘what is luxury?’ In our contemporary context, what do we look towards to define what ‘luxury’ truly means? Many can contest to the fact that the concept of luxury is multifaceted and can bring a visceral reaction.

Designer items and expensive lifestyle accessories are no longer markers of luxury today. Everyone has access to them and even if not, counterfeits fill the streets of every major city and online. One can point to a privately owned yacht as an decisive indicator of a luxurious lifestyle. But why is that? Marketers will tell you it is because a yacht encompasses the main principles of luxury: exclusivity, craftsmanship, heritage, and timelessness. But they will exclude one crucial factor: freedom. Freedom of movement and time to oneself is the last true marker of luxury.

For those of us who do not have access to this new definition of luxury strive to find it on a micro-level. And that’s where Traiano steps in. We may not be able to offer you the freedom to do what you please with your days, but we can offer you the freedom of mobility in what you wear so you can be on your way to getting there.