The Perfect Travel Suit

Whether it’s boarding an eight hour flight, a train, or going across the city, travel is part of everyone’s daily life. What if we could offer you a solution to the one external factor that usually goes wrong?

Imagine having a blazer so resilient that you could go from wearing it to throwing it in your bag, and it would never get ruined.

Imagine losing your luggage and being forced to wear the same button-down shirt days in a row. Now, image washing it in the shower and having it perfectly ready for the next day.

Imagine being so comfortable in your dress pants that you could sleep in them. And then, when you wake up from a long night, there wasn’t a single wrinkle to be found.

This is the world of Traiano. When we say that our garments offer wrinkle-resistance, breathability, easy care, and stretch factors, we really mean just one thing: convenience.