PHASE 1: Preparing For The Climb

The idea to climb the summit of Mont Blanc wearing only the comfort stretch Traiano suit  came to me months ago…

I love testing my limits against the fortitude of nature, and the notion to put my brand’s formal activewear to this type of challenge seemed like the perfect way to prove its excellence. As you know, our suits are perfect for everyday wear and travel because of three key factors:

Firstly, our garments are extremely comfortable because of their incredible four-way stretch factor and breathability. This seemed like an ideal attribute for a garment that one would wear to climb a mountain. You need maximum possible mobility to face the rugged and dangerous landscape. And of course, you must ensure your clothing is comfortable, because on the climb, you definitely won’t be.

Secondly, Traiano only utilizes fabrics that are wrinkle-free. Although you are not worried about having a messy ensemble when on an expedition, this quality is due to the garment’s elastic memory. I thought this would be the perfect element to challenge while on the climb because the fibers are incredible durable from their patented composition and weave.

Finally, all of Traiano’s suits are easy care. Usually this is a bonus for the working man because they are machine washable. However, the garments can even be washed in a shower, or when speaking about nature, in a lake or stream.

Leading up to the climb, I was quite confident, as I had trained for the months leading up to the expedition. My main worry at the time was if my brand’s suits could pass the same test.