PHASE 2: En Route To Chamonix

Leaving Milan and driving to Chamonix, the tension of anticipation and excitement for the world record-breaking climb began to build.

I picked up Traiano’s German sales agent Paul from the Malpensa airport and we arrived to our meeting base in Chamonix at 16:00 on Saturday, August 26th. Paul and I unpacked the car of our gear, including ropes, packs, and of course the Traiano suits.

Ascending the mountain on the cable cars, we finally arrived to the Refuge des Cosmiques, sitting at 3613 meters, the base camp for climbers on Mont Blanc. As we dined around 19:30, quite early for Italians I might add, we conversed with fellow climbers from all around the globe. Most of them were puzzled at our idea of climbing the next morning dressed in technical gear and our suits. Many attempted to dissuade us from the journey, but we laughed it off, trying hide the doubt that was inching its way into our consciousness from showing on our faces.

Climbing into our bunks, Paul couldn’t convince himself to fall asleep…