The Colnaghi family began working in the textile industry in the 1940s, becoming leading manufacturers of lingerie and technical sports fabrics. Filippo Colnaghi chose to continue along the route forged by his grandfather Nino and father Beppi by creating Traiano, a brand which prioritizes innovative materials and new visions of luxury and comfort. Past and future come together in a collection which reinterprets the finest Italian tailoring; combining local Italian producers with the most advanced textile technology.


Traiano designs are practical, comfortable, high-performing. They are created for men who practice the oldest, most noble sport of all, that of making a name for themselves. Dynamic men that never stand still but know how to achieve the perfect work-life balance. Men that are attentive to the changing world around them, to their loved ones and the things that really count.

Today, the Traiano man looks the future square in the face, casting off the shackles of the past. He is curious, bold, physically and mentally strong. Balanced but never predictable. He even surprises himself sometimes. He appreciates the finer things in life, objects which are not merely ephemeral. The patron of a luxury which is more about living than consuming.